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Odor Cleaner, 4 oz
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Odor Cleaner

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Odor Clear

Conspicuous, annoying smells that fill your room are eliminated in an instant with Odor Clear. This air neutralizer never masks bad smells. It erases them using "odor-lock" technology. Our special formula locks onto noxious smells caused by garbage, dampness, smoke, pets and more and destabilizes them instantly. The odor is cleared away leaving a light, clean scent in its place.

Let's Clear the Air!
Spray Odor Clear in the target area and let it do the work in your kitchen, bathroom, car . . . wherever the odors persist. You may have to spray again for stubborn smells. Don't worry about overspraying. Odor Clear contains all natural and non-toxic ingredients, so it's safe and effective.

- Neutralizes odors
- All-Natural, Non-Toxic
- Great on pet odors, smoke, kitchen and bath smells

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